We stock an extensive range of plants and shrubs, as well as a wide range of a number of other products. We provide you with only the highest quality products from some of the world’s premier suppliers. Our advice is second to none.

Whatever your needs or size of your garden, Dillywood Garden Centre has something for everyone.

Beautiful Plants

Our gardens also offer a wide range of other products.

Pots - In every size shape and colour.

Garden Accessories - Garden Tools, Garden Treatments, Plant / Tree Supports, & Bird food and accessories.

Aggregates - To suit every individual taste; coloured slate, scottish pebbles, large cobbles and much more!

Indian Sandstone - Hand crafted solid pieces of rainbow and teak sandstone planters and water features. Elegant vases, box planters, bliss balls, pebbles and many more.

Dillywood Garden Centre - Water Garden

Ponds can be an ideal visual feature in your garden, allowing you to enjoy both the additional variety of plants a pond allows, along with a stunning aquatic display.

Whether preformed or to a custom design, we can provide everything you need to setting up or expanding on your current pond.

With a wide range of top quality preformed ponds, liners and underlays, Dillywood staff can advise on what’s best for you and your garden.

Pumps and filters are an integral part of any water system, indoor or outdoor. An easy to maintain, reliable system is essential in ensuring you can always get the best out of you feature.

To ensure the health and longevity of your fish its imperative that you choose the correct products when creating or updating your system. Dillywood staff are able to offer a full range of advice from designing your systems, system maintenance to any problems that you have with your current system.



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